Welcome to mesorchestra.com!

Here you will find many useful tools to help each student in the program get the absolute most out of their at home practicing.

– The Practice Tracks page provides students with music tracks that they can use to play along with in their homework assignments.

– The Photos page gives students visual examples of how to properly hold the instrument as well as providing the parents a valuable guide in helping students maintain perfect posture and form while they practice at home.

– The Resources page contains many links to very useful websites including local music shops, instrument rental information, music tools, and practice software.

– The Videos page is finally up and running! Every so often there will be new videos of great performances for students and parents to enjoy. I’m also going to be adding comments under the videos on things to look for while watching. As a bonus, the minutes that students use to watch videos will count towards their total practice minutes for the week although videos should not account for more than one third of their total practice time.

Parent involvement is key to a students success in the music program. Please bookmark this page so that you can take full advantage of the resources provided and help your student get the most out of their home practice.